Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our house before the shift.... one last look.

Our house comes in 15 days. All being well with the weather and any other unforeseeable issues.
I cannot wait, I feel like I haven't breathed out waiting for our home to come, and now I am so looking forward to breathing out. To making this house our home, a lovely relfection of all ur families quirks and passions.


  1. I hope you have fun making this the place to love your family!

  2. Seeing pics of your house just fills me with queenslander love. Especially the front door, hallway arches and sprawling verandahs. We love our Betsy with all her bungalow beauty but your house is my favourite style of all. Just a little difficult to find/fit on an inner city suburban block without it costing a complete fortune.

  3. Exciting times lay ahead of you! I am so in love with your house, she will be beautiful once filled with family to love her :)

  4. Thanks guys. Obviously one of my quirks is my atrocious typing and spellchecking!!! Yeah she is beautiful, I'm not sure how well that will be hidden by dirt and dust when she arrives though.