Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take 5 Kate

I love a wedding. Kate over at Take 5 is suggesting we offering a list of 5 things we would do differently from our weddings to help the roral couple on there way.

I don't have many digital pictures but here are a few. We had a gorgeous wedding July 4th in QLD 7 years agao. About 90 family and friends attended the reception  and 125 came to the church and afternoon tea. It was a magical day with lots of laughter, tulips, friends and fun.

1. I hated my hair. I wish I had told me hairdresser, or pulled it out. But it didn't ruin my day, i just should have spoken up.

2. I wish I had actually spent more time with my husband, it was very chaotic and with seeing everyone we didn't get as much time together as I would have liked. The honeymoon made up for it though.

3. Photographer. She was pushy, and verging on rude on the day. I loved her pictures and in our tumultuous time post wedding she was lovely. But on the day i could have had someone more relaxed. Plus it cost a motza, which was unnnecessary in hindsight!

4. I didn't realise I could have happily married my husband in a park with a few family and friends. This felt like what we had to do, and much as it was a joyous day I'm not sure that is how I would spend the money again!

5. That the day would not go as quickly as it did, but not sure if I cna actually change that :)

To my husband I love you just as much now as 7 years ago, in fact much much more.

To Kate Middleton...........
I can't wait to see the dress :)


  1. Gorgeous! You looked amazing - love the pics. I know what you mean about slowing down the day too!

  2. You look so fab in your wedding photos, and you look like you really enjoyed yourself too. Nice to be able to picture you now while we swap stories about our quirky children. mel:)

  3. Except at least 15 kilos heavier, and with short hair, hehehe. Life it'll do that to you.