Friday, April 22, 2011

Trying to make final bathroom decisions

You have seen before we have the french tub for our new bath, and a pedestal basin.
We have just decided to go with a frameless shower screen, and because the wall behind the shower was an external weatherboard I think we might sheet it, and do a white subway tile over the top.

These bathrooms have the style we want to achieve. But I can not decide on a colour for the floor tile.
 Love the white distressed mirror, I have to find one of those!
I wish we could have floorboards, but it just isn't very practical with young children who splash water around.

White is classic, but our locality has excellent red clay soil and with three active children and two happy gardeners I think it would be a huge mistake, and rpobably be orange dirt colour most of the time.
Anyone got a tile colour they love, that hides the day to day dust and grime!


  1. Love the freestanding bath and basin! Gorgeous! Definitely don't go white floor tiles...we've had them before and they're a nightmare to keep clean! We went with a creamy coloured floor tile in our new house and they aren't too bad considering we have two boys and red clay as well! I love the tiny square tiles that are in the last photo you've posted... maybe in a natural colour with flecks of cream and beige??

  2. Love your bathroom ideas. DO NOT even consider white floor tiles. We did it in our last house and it looks beautiful, for all of about 2 minutes. Then we bought Betsy and she has them AS WELL. I have been brewing a post about our bathroom woes including white floor tiles. I am thinking a light grey with grey grout as I think it will conceal much more evidence of muddy foot and paw prints and looks great with white walls and fittings. I still have vivid memories from before the open house inspection when we sold our last house, of crawling around on the floor with a sponge making those white tiles look clean as the mop did not cut it!.

  3. Yep I was leaning towards a grey tile. I'd love the tiny tiles but I haven't costed them, they look expensive! Yuck having a tight budget is rotten :) We had white tiles in our old place too, and before open houses we were on our knees, and careful to work backwards so we wouldn't have to walk across it.