Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tocall or not to call

Tomorrow is decision day.
The planning officer suggested it would be pointless for me to call.
But I really want some information about how it is all looking.
What would you do?
Or wait patiently for a decision that you may not get until next Friday, or possibly later by post?
I wish I was a patient person, but I am a frustrated, annoyed, powerless person currently and I want some information.
Doesn't mean that I will call though, because I don't think she will tell me anything.

To call or not to call that is the question ...... might get hubbie to call, he is good at being persuasive.

Arrgghh it feel just beyond reach, I can almost touch it, but not quite.


  1. I would call but that is me...I need to know what is happening as the suspense is just too much to deal with :)

  2. My concern is that I am unlikely to receive any decent answer which makes it a bit more hopeless to call. Plus the woman has a cranky way about her that makes me more nervous, I don't want to piss this person off at all.

  3. If it were me, I'd get hubby to call. He's a better negotiator than me and I hate anything even slightly confrontational. Otherwise, I just wouldn't call and spend the next few days pacing the house, going ever so slightly insane.