Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boot camp acreage style....

We have been madly rushing through jobs on our little house and our acreage whilst my hubbie is on holidays. It made me wonder about charging people to access this extreme type of chaotic energy expenditure!

Boot camp day 1

Dig 25 holes for fruit trees. Drag mulch up and down the hill covering the plants. Water the pants by lugging around 20kg watering storage containers.

Boot Camp day 2

Re-water plants with 20kg watering cans.
Chainsaw 2 large trees, chop into smaller pieces and remove large limbs by carting them across property.
Plus kids want to ride in go cart so drag them up and down the hill for 2 turns each.

Boot Camp Day 3

Plants need watering again, plus dig in 5 new rose bushes and clear more large branches. Chain saw large tree into smaller logs, for kids seating and firewood, etc, etc....

You can imagine how the rest of the week will pan out.

Other things.....

Plus on our little house that we reside in currently my hubbie, Mr TT, has sanded the front of the house, and we all helped paint that in the same colours, although they are not the most aesthetically pleasing!
Mr TT removed some old rusty tin from a window awning and we will replace it. We also started the fence, but are yet to finish it due to rain.
Mr TT is also fixing one of the quirks of our little house, french doors that go to nowhere.

 Can you pick the painted section??


I wish I had a 'before' picture. But the paint had flaked so much you could see bare boards through, and it gave the house a lovely derelict kinda feel.
Much nicer now!

One little lemon tree to give you a taste of the orchard. But another Post about that to come.

We have decided to be massively positive about the house coming on May 2nd. Today I booked a skip, portaloo, and a Bulldozer (D7) which are all required for the landing. Why not be positive, it will be a big fall if council does not give approval anyway!


  1. Very productive indeed but the effort will be worth every minute you have put in.
    I love the character of your home, it's very quaint.

  2. Fantastic effort- you guys have been busy. I have FOND memories of hand watering fruit trees on my dad's weekender farm as a 12 year old. It is great now many years later enjoying the fruits though. Can't wait to see the fruit orchard and rose garden photos too.
    Love the french doors with no stairs- we lived with no door latches on our hold house for 8 years and only put them in when we were selling- was amazing to see everything finally finished.
    Also I like your forging ahead booking house move essentials. Surely with a skip, portaloo and bulldozer you are set for some kind of party/shindig even if worst case scenario that council doesn't come through. Yes, I think just invite all your mates with chainsaws, put them to work and have a huge bonfire at the end.

  3. You gotta love progress!Lookin great so far!

  4. That rain is such a spoil-sport lately isn't it?

  5. Thanks everyone, yep getting the little house ready to sell. It looks so much nicer already, we tend to do this when we sell and I always wonder why we don't do it straight away.
    Council decision due tomorrow, can't wait to not have to worry about it for a bit.