Saturday, April 30, 2011

extra post for vintage box

My  Mr TT has been becoming more and more handy around the house. He did the exterior paint, popped some stairs on the french doors to nowhere and repaired our other broked back stairs.

But he has just finished my favourite project.

How much does a vintage hardwood weathered box go for in your neck of the woods??
 Lately I've seen them from $70 up to $150. Too much for us.

But some old hardwood fence, a lot of hand sawing and some nails, and Mr TT knocked this together for me.

 A versatile lidded box.

 Without the lid.....
lid inverted for a coffee table or tray............

 or two separate boxes....

or just the tray alone.
Anyone for rustic farmhouse scones, with lashings of cream, raspberry jam, and steaming hot billy tea????

He could be a genuis, what do you think???


  1. Ooh that is gorgeous in all it's rustic glory. I love it and it's so versatile :)
    Great job!!

  2. Very well done, and a good distraction from the fact that your house is ARRIVING TOMORROW ! Just warning you that 2 billion people will be watching it televised and there will be professional lipreaders so watch for swearing. Best of luck and take lots of photos for us all. Melxx