Sunday, January 23, 2011

Floor plans - only minor adjustments.

Here is the original floor plan. Only 2 bedrooms. Not a house we would have considered at all on the description. But once we saw how big the space was (and perhaps fell in love a bit) we decided we could make it work for our young family. Our children actually enjoy sharing a sleep space, so 2 will be in bedroom 2 and another in the sleep-out/bedroom 3. Just until we decide what sort of extension work we will do.
Here is the very basic changes we have made to the floor plan to make it more liveable for us.
A galley kitchen will go in.
The main bathroom will relocate to the sunroom/laundry space, and the laundry and utilities room will be next to that.
At the front we have opened up the verandah slightly off our bedroom (enough spacce for 2 chairs and a table). Then we will build in a wardrobe on one side of the sunroom and the ensuite on the other.
Sorry for the scribbles hope they are a little legible.


  1. Wow. There's quite a lot of space for just two bedrooms.xx

  2. Only new to this whole blog comment thing and not sure if it is impertinent to make suggestions. Will forge ahead regardless.... have you considered putting your laundry/pantry into the playroom as that would give you a larger playroom area immediately visible from the kitchen? Love your house by the way, the room sizes/hallway are massive and your plan ideas are really good.

  3. Looks great Bec, the rooms look massive! xx

  4. Yeah we did consider that opposite location. However for us my husband works nights, so we want a play room in the furthest location from the master so he can sleep.
    Also we may extend off the playroom side so we didn't want to expense of moving a bathroom. Thanks so much though, we are completely new to this, and I have found other ideas invaluable because often you don't think of them.
    Yep the rooms are massive!! We loved the proportions, so huge. We figure adding bedrooms is relatively easy compared to finding a house with these proportions.
    Thansk everyone xxx