Monday, January 24, 2011

Camera-less and insane

Aaarrggh I can't find my charging for my beloved Canon, and I can't find the connection cord for our cheap digital. Which was great considering yesterday was my daughters first day of school :(
Time to get an iphone I think, hint, hint to my hubbie!!

But super, over the top excitement yesterday!!! Well I posted almost all our documents to council again. So they are now officially lodged, for the second time.

No, no wait that isn't it - my true love kitchen sink arrived by post.


Double Butler Sink

 Ohhh I adore it. It is huge, perfect for a dinner party full of dishes, and it feels so good.

I really hate the feeling of a stainless steel sink, don't know why. This is gorgeous. Now just to get the kitchen made and in the house (the sink was 50% off so I had to buy it first ).


  1. I'd go insane without my camera too Bec. Love love love the sink, I'm so going to have kitchen jealousy! xx

  2. Lol it will be a $5000 kitchen I don't know if you can envious of that :) But I am going to fill it with things I love!!

  3. You have started off well with that beautiful butlers sink, love it! ;-) P.S You won't look back after you get an Iphone.

  4. Money doesn't come into it Bec, it's all about character and charm!