Saturday, January 22, 2011

So Many people ask....

Yep nearly everyone asks,
why would you move an old house,
you know you could build something new,
wouldn't it be better to just buy in the city?

Well it definitely isn't easy, but is anything worth doing easy?

Reason 1:
Perhaps it is because I lived in a magnificent Queenslander when we moved to Brisbane as a child.
Oh I loved that house, I don't believe I had ever loved a house before (we moved A LOT).
I loved the history, it had a maids quarters off the kitchen, imagine that!
I adored the quirks.
Plus it was on an acre it had a fruit orchard, a rose garden, a vegie patch, a chook run and a huge beautiful mango tree. It was truly a piece of heaven to me. My Mum loved it too I used to watch her face light with happiness when she lit the fireplace and curled up to read a book.

Reason 2:

Our children are...... umm boisterous, out-going, high energy whatever turn of phrase you like.
My husband and I definitely wanted to channel that energy into gardens and space and open-ended play. We want them to have a few farm-like responsibilities as well. Thus the acreage.
An old house provides an opportunity to have large spacious rooms to accommodate them, and verandas to run and play on. We also want them to have an appreciation for the history of the wonderful place they live.

Reason 3

Recycling - could you imagine a house like the one we are buying being destroyed, yikes it makes me quite emotional. Plus we would have to utilise new materials to build, seems a waste.

Reason 4

It is built for our climate, and lifestyle.

Reason 5

We have faced true challenges before. Scary things life throws at you.
This is a positive challenge, an accomplishment.
A chance to give life to something that has been discarded. A chance to fully reflect ourselves in our home, and to do it our way.

Reason 6

It is cheaper. Not tons cheaper. But enough for us to be able to manage it. This means we get a beautiful home, in a post of our choosing, and hopefully stand to have assets in it straight away (if the budget doesn't run away from us :)

Reason 7

Because we are stubborn! We considered it, and then we decided it would be an adventure. An adventure we will follow through on, even though it is hard. We secretly can't wait to finish it though and take a deep breathe.

Oh no my plan was to upload the floor plan but it won't let me. Any ideas??? I am really not great on the computer! If I scan it and save it that way would it work?

Take care

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