Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Lockyer Valley

As the floods recede in Brisbane and Ipswich our thoughts are with those whose houses, and businesses were inundated. The clean-up and rebuilding will be immense. Please donate @
Maybe think about hosting a fundraiser, a sausage sizzle, a morning tea, a clothes swap, anything. There are many many families with children who will have nowhere to go, and Mums and Dads with no businesses to return too.

The Lockyer Valler in QLD was the area hit by the inland tsunami. It was gut wrenching. It still is. The death toll will be significant, and pitiful.

This is where our house will be relocated to, 10 minutes from us to the Lockyer Valley. A region that will have heavey hearts for many many years to come.

So any of our applications with the Lockyer council will have to wait. They are currently trying to reconnect power, water and communications to the families. Basic amenities that have been off for 6 days.

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  1. It's just been incomprehensible hasn't it? Too much sadness. I've posted a couple of other links of ways to help out too Bec. So many people around the country are offering help and support, it's amazing! So glad your house is ok! xx