Saturday, January 15, 2011

A time to paint

Thrifty type that I am, I have purchased some secondhand pieces to help make our new home.
We are going from a small post war house (about 70sqm) to a larger Colonial (approx 150sqm). So we have some space to play with.

For a long time we have lived in our houses (this is our 5th as a couple/family) without really making them ours. This time we are both determined to have a home that reflects us more succintly. We want it show our shared love of cooking, (and eating) my love of books, my DHs love of music, my love of pieces with a history, and our new(ish) enjoyment of food gardening.

But in this plan it involves a lot of time trying to think and create spaces that suit us all. Plus it involves me doing a fair bit of painting.

So my daughter has decided she would like a room like this
Hopefully creating this look will be as easy as the Young House Love Team makes it sound!

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