Friday, January 21, 2011

Council bits and bobs

Council applications

I have been running around trying to piece together the many bits needed for our council application to be submitted. It has quite honestly been doing my head in, and yep it finally got the better of me and I had my first melt-down, of many i am sure.

Good news though!! I think we are ready. Well some plans to print on Monday and away they go with a kiss for good luck. Another stage down.

If you are interested in the process here is the package we follow to relocate a removal dwelling

In the menatime we have decided to list our little house for sale. So I am racing around like a headless chook decluttering and adding some nicer touches here and there. It is quite fun really, at least at the moment I am sure it will wear thin very quickly. Stay tuned for pics of this place by the realty.

The kids have been like dream children today, playing a beautiful game of Doctors and Vets happily in there rooms, making me feel very content and blessed in the last weekend of the holidays!!

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