Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mum we made you a house

Well after the first week of school, and kindy. The 3 munchkins seemed keen to have some unstructured tree time.

Maybe all my interior ideas of simple and white, don't reflect my more outgoing vibrant children :)


  1. I think the simple and white will work well with some vibrant art works ( put the request in at kindy now) and accessories! Love the photos- the one of your daughter looking up is so artistic- it looks like a "Home Beatiful " shot and the floral/vintagy sheets are lovely.

  2. Love those kidlets and their creativity! Hope this week is a good school/kindy week. Vic xx

  3. Ahh wouldn't it be nice to live a 'home beautiful' life. Yep all sheets from the ops shops so we cna call them 'vintage'. I was a bit inspired by 'real living' who suggested these $300 blankets to pop outside for the kids to sit on, not likely :)

    I think we definitely will have to frame some kids art work, what a great idea.

    Thanks Vic - hoping this week is a little gentler.

  4. I have a pile of op shop sheets at my place too- have very good intentions to turn them into a floral Teepee for Liongirl.......
    Also I have heard the white ikea frames are good for kids A4 sized art work- have to get some myself. Roboboy found a packet of bluetack and stuck every painting/drawing he has ever done all over his room to turn it into a gallery- just like on giggle and hoot.