Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our little house

Alright as I have said before we live in a little post-war house.

We weren't sure if we would love the little town we moved to or loathe it, luckily we loved it!
But this meant a very cheap and temporary purchase of a doer-upper.
Hubbie and I realised the house was never going to be long term, so we quickly lost interest in making it our own.
Because of this it still needs most of the internal painting done so we can rent it/or sell it when we move.
So far we have
* ripped up the carpet
* polished the floors
* put in a new kitchen, (modern and not to our taste),
* landscaped, 
* plus updated the bathroom (well my in-laws actually painted this one much to our joy!).

Yesterday we had a discussion about the cost of paying someone to paint. Apparently with all my spare time (3 children out of the house for about 4-5 hours a 2-3 days a week) I am going to do it!

Now if these were normal plasterboard, I'd do it in a heart -beat, but they are VJ's. So sanding, filling, re-sanding etc. Oh the joy!

Stay tuned for pictures of our little house. It will be very nice to get rid of the yellow and maroon colour scheme.

I was finding the background on the blog a bit depressing. But Hubbie chose it.
I just thought I might see how long it takes him to notice the new look.


  1. I like the old background! Rustic and suited the title. This one is nice too though. I still can't believe we haven't been up to see your wee house. One day, before you move! xx

  2. Yikes I plan to bring it straight back but I can't seem to find it agon on templates. Might have to hand it to Rob and see if he can fix it. Typical me!!

  3. oh my typing is atrocious, sorry :)