Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The ups and downs

Ahh this is  journey we knew would test us a few times over. But it seems currently good news is quickly followed by bad.

So most councils are happy for you to have a functioning kitchen and bathroom, and then move in to complete the work on the property. Which is what the house removal copany told us. However we were contacted by the council and this particular region does NOT work this way. So everything has to be completed before we can move.

So here is our current list:

  1. Septic tank
  2. Electricity, mains water, and communications trenches
  3. Kitchen benches and plumbing
  4. Walls installed, front of house, mater bedroom and sunroom
  5. Bathroom tiled, and plumbed in
  6. Laundry plumbed in
  7. Solar hot water
  8. re-wiring, safety switch, smoke alarms
  9. full internal painting
  10. deck repiared, battons(sp) and stairs on
  11. floors sanded and polished
  12. Safety glass for double hung windows
  13. Insulation under floor and in ceiling
  14. solar panels
  15. water tank connected
  16. external painting
  17. roof painted
I mean how long can it really take, a week (LOL), 3 months?, who knows. We figure we will just work as fast as we can to get it all done. Meanwhile once the house arrives we can visit it (yep that sounds pathetic) and start the gardens.

Well orginially we thought the house would arrive this week, maybe within the next 5 weeks i think would be the revised dates.

We are lucky to have a little house as we were going to sell it last year and then we would be quite homeless! Plus it is walking distance to kindy so it will be ncie to be able to do that a few days a week.

Ok yep I am desperatly trying to find a good side whilst we just long to be in our beautiful house.............

(oh and I turned the hosue upside down and found my camera charger)


  1. oh no! Hopefully it won't be too much of a delay! Will you be on town or tank water?

  2. I've been meaning to ask too, what does Rob think of the new background? :)

  3. I'm not sure but we can't work out how to change it :( Silly me for messing with it!

    Town water, but we will have a 25000lt tank so hopefully that will subsidise much of our water use.

  4. That is just silly- fair enough about things that are a safety issue but if you want to live with unpolished floorboards and postwar mint green then why they heck should council have a say in that- particularly if you bought an old queenslander anywhere and just moved in that is what you would be getting.....how frustrating. On a positive note though it will force you to make decisions and act quickly and you will love it when you move in. I am trying to paint around 2 small children and it is SLOW going.
    ps got your point about the noise issue with the playroom- especially if hubby is a shift worker

  5. Yep I completely agree. This house (our current tiny one) has flaky paint and is a bit in need of soem love :) It does annoy me a fair bit but I am trying to think, YAY an almost new old house when we move in!! All the interior work will be complete and then we cna just got too on the gardens.
    P.S. Vic I kinda fixed it!! The blog that is. Oh and check out My oldest girls new desk in 'our current house' page.

  6. Loving the new (old) blog graphics- much better suits your title. Also the fuschia pink dresser is gorgeous, amazing how a bright colour really brings out the lovely shape.
    I have just started a blog this new year as well inspired by my plans for our Queenslander/California bungalow, creative inspirations and my kids - thought you might enjoy- bungalowbliss.blogspot.com

  7. I like this one too! If you want it more customised you could probably put one of your own pics behind the header. No idea how though ;) Good job on the big tank. We're only on tanks water and I think our two are 25000L each, and they've been full ever since we moved in August. Maybe you could investigate a bore too for the gardens? Ours is fabulous, we can water the garden to our hearts content and not worry about drinking water. Love Ru's desk! Vic xx

  8. I couldn't remember the template exactly but I think this is pretty close. Yep wondering how to add pictures on the top but haven't worked it out yet.