Sunday, January 30, 2011

Haven't seen it...

I don't know that I have mentioned but I haven't seen 'Our' house.
I haven't been inside.
I am trusting my husband (scary turn of phrase isn't it) who has seen it once for about 30 minutes.

So I am aching for it to arrive so I can actually see in the flesh  timber and tin.
I believe just the cleaning alone will curl my toes!! Let alone the actual renovation ahead. Well I mean it is cut in half, it has no bathroom or kitchen, or floor coverings. No laundry, and parts of the verandah are unsafe to walk on - why did this seem like such a good dream to have :)

But at this point in time I am just waiting, waiting, and waiting to be able to start.


  1. How exciting for you!
    I once had an old Queenslander, I sometimes miss her, although I love my current house, which is a more modern timber and tin.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope to see you again.
    I am your newest follower, I am looking forward to seeing your new "old" house emerge.

  2. Hi Elfyn,

    You mentioned Maridahdi on your other blog, are you in the darling downs? My daughter went to maridahdi last year and loved it!

  3. Hiya,
    No not the darling downs. I am in the Gold Coast hinterland, we have set up a new Maridahdi learning co-op. Essentially at the moment we are a homeschooling group. The middle and I go twice a week, he is having a great time and hopefully as the year progresses we will be able to use it towards his homeschooling program.
    I'm loving following your journey, your vision for the finished house is gorgeous:).

  4. Oh you are the new Maridahdi that Louie was talking about. Fantastic project. Hope you are all enjoying it. Such a great concept for E.C. education and onwards.
    Thankf for the praise. I am hoping this is what we end up with, but a messier version!!!