Friday, January 28, 2011

Chook chook choockens.....

Bunglalow Girl  asked to be introduced to our Choockens.

Chookens is our term of endearment for our little troup of ladies!

We have two 'layers' ISA browns, one little black hen, and 3 white Silky Bantams.

Our little black hen missed the paprazzi this morning as she is broody as...... well as a Hen I suppose.

Our silkies are delightful. They get painted (food colouring and brushes) they get pushed around in the pram, and they get smothered with love!

They are endearingly sweet and lay perfect little white eggs, which are my three littlies favourites!
They are named, Silky Cutie Bloosom, Fifi, and Chichi.

The children thought they had a french Couture appearance to them.
 Those fluffy bottoms and feet do have a slighlty designer style.

Then our ISA Browns are Mrs Skinny Legs, and Mrs Giant feet.

I can't say we would buy ISA browns again, as they are slightly aggressive towards the other chickens, and the best escapees I am yet to meet. The Council have been around and warned us that a $100 fine per chickens out of its yard applies. Yikes. So we bought this bigger pen.

They do lay well though.

However once penned my silkies stopped laying so we have since separated them. The Silkies roam free and sleep here

In our little chicken tractor. Now we are getting three eggs a day from the Bantams as well. Success!!!

And the spot I find all six of them on their afternoon peck is here - my kitchen garden.

(excuse the washing in the background).

So that is the introduction to our Choockens.
They are very pleased to meet all of you.


  1. Love your girls, those silkies look like a cotton wool ball on legs- they are a cracker! How do you stop them scratching out your seedlings in your vege garden? We are doing a vege bed next and I'm wondering how I'm going to stop the girls trashing it and the possums eating everything. Also what on earth are you doing with 6 eggs a day and do the bantam eggs taste any different?

  2. We usually eat 3-4 a day and just give a dozen to the neighbours here and there. I usually keep the ISA Browns locked up and have built them a pen from there coop as they will completely destroy your vegies patch. Bantam eggs are the same, just slightly smaller.

  3. I love them they look like marshmallow puffs.