Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ok we both dream of old houses, we sigh at gorgeous archways, coo over high ceilings, and worry at painting VJ walls.

We couldn't find anything we loved where we live. Either it had no space for the 3 children to run or to have chooks and vegies (read less than 1800sqm for us), they were renovating in a very modern fashion, or on a main road. Less than our ideal. When the plan for this house was a long term home we wanted to limit our compromising.

So somewhat crazily, yes we readily admit it, we decided we would relocate a home. This has given us the opportunity to buy the piece of land we wanted, find the exact house we dreamt of, and renovate it our way. Which will be somewhat greenly, frugally and with love. Oh and undoubtedly with many tears from me (Bec) as I will be project manager on most of the work while also waving my eldest child off to her first year at school and my twins to their first at kindy.

So checklist so far:

  1. Land purchased and unconditional

  2. House purchased

  3. Initial council approval sought and approved

  4. Formal application is about to be lodged.......

Once our formal application is accepted we will receive a removal date and the fun will begin.

*1 Month to make it habitable so we can receive permission to move into the home.

*6 Months to complete our home to the Councils approval so we can receive our $50000 bond monies back.

* 12 Months to complete the home to the Developers approval and commence landscaping.


  1. Can't wait to read of your adventures! xx

  2. Lol it may be initially more heavily filled with tantrums (Bec) and frustrations (Rob).

  3. Hey Bec, just found your blog via paint me white. We rellocated a house a couple of years ago. Colonial. Same thinking with us - love the old one's. I just read your mention about the $50k bond! Can you believe it - we didn't see that one coming so were surprised when it surfaced. I've mentioned a brief overview of our 'first stage' reno on my blog - not much detail though, i'm looking forward to reading about yours. Is it being moved in 2 pieces - i haven't read all of your blog yet ...? Ours was for a long skinny block, so one-move.

    Sister, those bloody vj's just have a mind of their own and take a while to settle after the move - i don't envy you guys with the gap fill but damn they look fab! So worth it.

  4. E.A.P. great to hear from you. I have gotten to the stage that I doubted anyone survived this process :) Want to hear something fantastic - we have budgetted to have a professional repaint the interior!!! We 90% of it anyway.
    Yep the hosue is coming in 2 pieces. Well I hope it is coming it just seems to get further and further away......