Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to make a great family home?

Well for us, furniture that can take a few knocks is important :) So mostly solid wood.

Lots of storage. This might come more slowly. But we are planning to actually have a room for all those pesky items like the vacuum, broms, mops etc.

A large laundry - our laundry is currently part of our kitchen, and this does NOT work for me!

A kitchen we can all access and work at together.

A big dining table where we can do homework/craft, share meals and have friends around.

A space outside undercover so we get outside on rainy days!

A rumpus/playroom space. To give the rest of the house a break from toys and craft and try to confine it a little. Plus a place I can take the children whilst Dad is trying to sleep after night shift.

My idea is that if the children are happy and comfortable Muma nd Dad are much more happy and comfortable.

What makes a great family home for you? I'd love to hear from all of you. I can't believe we already have 20 people reading about this crazy journey we are on! I'd love to find out more about you, so feel free to comment.
P.S hoping to hear from Planning next week, and of course hoping it will be good news!


  1. For me its colour and personal style. A bit of old with the new...

    When someone comes to my house they know its mine - it relfects me - there isn't much in the way of neutrals at my place :-)

    We wanted a bigger place - which we have got and a place to entertain.

    I love blod design and LOTS of colour!

    Have fun planning!

  2. Your list is almost an echo of mine, except my current laundry tops yours- it has has pride of place in our lounge room - really need to get some plans drawn up soon.....
    By the way, my chooks are now on line- any chance of yours having a blog debut? Mel.

  3. Hey Ladies. It is great so many of us want a reflection of ourselves in our place!
    O will have to take some pictures and pop our chooks up, our silkies really are teh sweetest little things!